Hi, my name is Rohil Pinto
I'm the Front-End Developer you need.

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Hi, my name is Rohil. Im a self-taught front-end web developer based in India. I love building websites, webapps & learning new things. If you want me to build your website, do check-out my various projects in the projects section of my portfolio. Thank you 💜

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Portfolio (old)

My first responsive front-end portfolio. Built using HTML, CSS & Javascript.

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Background Generator

Background gradient Generator is a handy gradient generation tool.Using this tool you can create random gradients by pressing the "random" button. This tool also gives you the randomly generated code which you can copy and use in your own projects.

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Breeze Bottles | Product Landing Page

A single page product landing page. built with responsiveness in mind. Created using HTML & CSS

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Alchemy | Responsive Web Page

Responsive web page
A responsive web page built using HTML & CSS

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